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Picky Eater

By: Sabine Saoud Matli RDN, FAND

Do you have a picky eater? It is very frustrating for parents when food is offered to kids and they refuse it. Sometimes kids are resistant especially when it is a new food. You must think, "but they always eat the same thing". Food variety offers a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients to help your little one grow.

Offer new foods frequently

Remember you may offer a food 8-10 times before your child is even willing to try it. Sometimes if they just hold the food that should be considered a win! Always celebrate the small wins.

New and familiar foods

Always offer a new food with a food your child is comfortable with. At least you know they will have something if today is not the day they decide to pick up the new food.

Small portions

Serve small portion of food on your child's plate. Overfilling the plate only leads to overwhelming your child. If your child wants more you can always refill their plate.


Try to avoid fluids at or before meal time because that will fill up your little one's tummy. Unless the child requests then you can offer a little bit of water.

Sous chef

Let your little one help in the kitchen! Yes, you heard that right. Any small tasks they can safely help with preparing for meal time would help encourage them to try the food they just helped prepare.

Play it cool

If you see your little one reaching for the broccoli, play it cool. Even though you are doing a victory dance on the inside. When they feel pressure to eat something, they don't. This is hard, but try your best because your little one may pick up any change in facial expressions.

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